Dive Sites

Malta and Gozo have 50+ amazing dive sites with a huge variety. You can find here relaxed shallow dives, amazing wall dives with spectacular sea life, plenty of wrecks and mystical caves and cavern. Most dive sites are applicable for all levels of divers. Higher your certification level is, the more you have to explore!

We’ve listed for you some of the most famous dive sites, but that’s not everything. We also dive the “hidden gems” where not many dive centres go. With us, you can’t get bored on your diving holiday!

Xlendi Bay

Well known as our “Utina Bay” at the doorstep of our Dive Centre, this easy and shallow dive site is also perfect for night dives. The bay is mainly sandy in the middle and rocky on both sides, with high cliffs above the water. The particularity is its magnificent shallow tunnel, 70m long and a beautiful reef that is a real playground for photographers.

  • Certification Level: Scuba Diver
  • Max. depth: 12m
  • Access: from shore, easy entrance
  • Interest: wall, reef, cavern, tunnel dive

MV Karwela

The most famous shipwreck in Gozo due to its photogenic wooden staircases. The wreck has been sunk as an artificial reef and attraction for divers with plenty to explore on its three decks.

  • Certification Level: Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Speciality
  • Max. depth: 42m
  • Access: from shore at Xatt L-Ahmar reef
  • Interest: wreck, wall, reef

MV Cominoland

Situated 50m away from the MV Karwela, the MV Cominoland was a former passenger ferry. It was sunk at the same day as the MV Karwela. The shipwreck is 35 m long and sits in an upright position on a sandy seabed. The wreck has two decks that offer plenty of potential for exploitation.

  • Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Speciality.
  • Max. depth: 40m
  • Access: from shore at Xatt L-Ahmar reef.
  • Interest: wreck, wall, reef

MT Hephaestus

MT Hephaestus was an oil tanker which ran aground off Qawra, Malta on 10 February 2018 and was subsequently scuttled as a dive attraction, in August 2022. It is 61m long and became quite fast an artificial reef for sea life.

  • Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water Diver and Deep Speciality.
  • Max. depth: 46m
  • Access: from shore
  • Interest: wreck, wall, reef

Blue Hole

The amazing Blue Hole is the most famous dive site in Gozo. It’s very popular due to its rock formation (also called underwater “Alps”), cavern, chimney, plenty of swim-throughs and the Coral Garden. The depth in the Blue Hole is about 16m and since the “Azure Window” collapsed, this dive site became even more interesting. There’s plenty of different ways to do it and you’ll never get tired of it.

  • Prerequisite: Open Water Diver
  • Max depth: 40m
  • Access: from shore. The entrance is a 100m walk over rocky terrain, but the dive is definitely worth carrying equipment there and our team is always ready to help
  • Interest: cavern, swim-throughs, wall, reef

Inland Sea

The Inland Sea is well known for it’s 80m long tunnel that leads to the open sea. This is one of the “must to dive” spots! Starting in a shallow semi-circular lagoon with around 3m depth, the depth at the bottom of the tunnel reaches progressively 25m. After passing through the tunnel, you’ll explore incredible walls with beautiful sea life.

  • Prerequisite: Open Water Diver
  • Max depth: 40m
  • Access: from shore, easy entrance
  • Interest: tunnel, wall, reef

Cathedral Cave

This dive site gets its name from the amazing acoustics inside the dome of the cave, where you can surface and enjoy this mystical place. It is unique, peaceful and only divers have access to it. The ceiling of the dome is approximately 15m above water level. The entrance of the cave is 6m below the surface. Due to a crack in the rock, fresh air and sunlight enters the cave and provides you with stunning lighting effects.

  • Prerequisite: Open Water Diver
  • Max depth: 30m
  • Access: from shore 
  • Interest: cave, wall, reef

Comino Caves

Known as one of the most beautiful dives around Comino. It’s an easy shallow dive that will offer a spectacular light show through small caverns and swim-throughs in crystal clear blue water.

  • Prerequisite: Open Water Diver
  • Max depth: 12m
  • Access: only from boat
  • Interest: caverns, reef, marine life 

Um El Faroud

It’s one of the biggest and most famous wreck in Malta. The Um El Faroud was a former oil tanker from Libya. The length of Um El Faroud is around 110 m and broke in two during a heavy storm in winter 2005-2006.

  • Prerequisite: Advanced Open Water (preferably with Deep Speciality)
  • Max depth: 36m
  • Access: from the shore
  • Interest: wreck, reef, marine life